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Covid-19 Precautions

Staying safe and keeping each other safe.

We have put in place additional hygiene precautions to enable us to carry out driving lessons as safely as we practically can during this coronavirus pandemic. However, learning to drive a car involves being in a confined space with your instructor, and whilst we will take steps to keep you safe, the nature of the coronavirus is such that we cannot 100% guarantee this. It is therefore important that you consider the risks, including considering your own health conditions, and make your own decision whether you consider it is safe enough for you to have driving lessons.

The health of our instructors is also important, and just as we are taking extra steps to help protect you, we ask that you do the same for us.

This means there are some things that we both have to do differently, and you will also notice some changes to the way we conduct lessons.

Unfortunately, we may also have to cancel lessons (sometimes at short notice) in order to ensure we maintain a safe environment for both of us, or if government guidelines change.

Before Your Lesson:

1. Symptoms of Coronavirus or Contact with Someone with Symptoms

It is extremely important that you do not attend your lesson if you, or someone you have been in contact with, have symptoms of coronavirus, or have recently tested positive for coronavirus. If you have symptoms of coronavirus (high temperature; new, continuous cough; or a loss of taste or smell), or if someone you have been in contact with has coronavirus symptoms, you should notify us as soon as possible and re-arrange your lessons. We will waive the 48 hours required notice of cancellation in this exceptional circumstance.

2. Please Wash Your Hands

We ask that you wash your hands thoroughly immediately before and after each driving lesson.

3. Please Bring A Face Covering

You will be required to wear a face-covering during your driving lessons (this is also currently a requirement on driving tests). Please bring one with you. This can be either a single-use disposable face mask or a home-made, washable, face-covering. Please note that if you wear glasses it is particularly important that you check it fits well and doesn’t cause your glasses to mist up.

4. Disposable Gloves?

Disposable gloves can help with cross-infection in certain circumstances, but if not used properly, they can cause a false sense of security. Washing of hands and sanitising hands is more important. If you do wish to wear disposable gloves during your lesson you may do so (though we are not asking you to), however, if you do choose to wear gloves, we ask that you bring a new pair of gloves with you and put them on at the start of your lesson, then take them away with you at the end of the lesson and dispose of them appropriately.

5. Clothing

Please wear clothing which provides as much coverage as is reasonable. Short sleeves are acceptable, but please be aware that the windows and vents of the car are likely to be open to provide ventilation and that discussion/briefing parts of the lesson may be conducted outside of the car, so please come dressed appropriately.

6. Keeping the Inside of the Car Clean

The car will be sanitised daily. Additionally, at every change of driver, the normal touch surfaces will be wiped down with disinfecting wipes – this includes the: seat adjusters, seat belt, steering wheel, mirror, indicator and wiper controls, gear lever and handbrake, door handles (inside and out), sat-nav screen, other driver controls and areas around the dashboard.

During Your Lessons:

7. Hand Sanitiser

We ask you to use hand sanitiser every time you enter or leave the vehicle. We will do the same.

8. Face Coverings

We ask you to wear a face-covering during your lesson. We will do the same.

9. Temperature and Symptoms Check

At the start of the lesson, we will check your temperature to ensure you don’t have a fever. We will also ask you to confirm whether or not you, or anyone you have had contact with, has had any of the coronavirus symptoms in the previous two weeks. If you display or develop symptoms during your lesson, we will stop the lesson immediately. We will check our own temperature regularly (at least daily).

10. Ventilation/Windows Open

We will keep the vehicle well ventilated throughout the lesson. This will normally mean keeping some windows open (unless heavy rain or similar prevents this) and using the vents/fan inside the car. Please come dressed appropriately so that you do not get cold!

11. Discussions, Briefings and Explanations

Where safe to do so, we will conduct discussions, briefings and explanations outside of the car. Please come dressed appropriately so that you do not get cold!

After Your Lessons:

12. Please Wash Your Hands

We ask that you wash your hands thoroughly immediately before and after each driving lesson.

13. Face Coverings

Please wash or dispose of your face covering (and disposable gloves if worn) appropriately.

14. Symptoms of, or a Positive Test, for Coronavirus

If within 14 days of your lesson either you, or someone you have had contact with, develops symptoms of coronavirus, or has a positive test for coronavirus, you must let us know immediately. We will do the same.